Forged Steel

Are you seeking a forged steel supplier in Tulsa, OK?

At Mattsco, we specialize in high-quality forged valves, fittings, and other steel products.

With a seasoned team and a wide variety of tailored options, we’re ready to support your projects with excellence and precision.

Quality Forged Steel Products

From valves to fittings, our forged steel products are designed with durability in mind and built to last.

Whether you need solutions for high-pressure environments or versatile connections, our extensive product line has you covered.

Forged Steel Valves

Our AML-approved forged valves, with sizes from 1/2″ to 24″, provide accurate control and safe sealing for various purposes. Available types include:

Plug Valves: Good for high-pressure uses where controlling flow is key.

Butterfly Valves: Perfect for managing flow; commonly used in water treatment and similar industries.

Ball Valves: Noted for lasting a long time; often used in oil and gas.

Globe Valves: Chosen for controlling the flow rate.

Check Valves: Prevent backward flow in piping systems.


Our fittings offer safe connections designed to fit your needs:
Available in sizes 1/8 – 6″, suitable for many applications.

Available Types:

Tees, 90’s, Crosses: Excellent for branching and altering flow direction.

45’s Full Couplings, Half Couplings: Useful for lengthening or ending pipe runs.

Unions, Plugs: Suitable for short-term or lasting connections.

Connection Methods

SW (Socket Weld) Connections: Ideal for very secure connections; mainly in the oil, gas, and petrochemical fields.

Threaded Connections: Good for low-pressure uses; typical in home plumbing and manufacturing.

Pressure Rating: 2000# and 3000#; select as per your project’s pressure needs.

O-lets, Nipples: Various styles like Threaded, SW, and Butt-Weld, allowing flexibility.


We offer a variety of materials so you can find the right fit for your environmental and pressure conditions.

Carbon: Affordable and strong; fit for general use.

Stainless: Doesn’t corrode; ideal for tough environments.

Nickel & Chrome: For specialized needs requiring resistance to heat and rust

Why Choose Forged Steel Over Other Options?

Forged steel’s unique features make it a preferred material for many uses. Compared to cast or machined options, it has particular advantages:

  • Improved Strength: The forging process makes steel stronger and more resistant to wear. Casting might weaken the material, while machining, (although precise), doesn’t add the same strength. Forged steel’s structural strength is crucial in areas like aerospace and heavy machinery.

  • Enhanced Durability: Forged steel withstands shock and wear better than alternatives. This increases its lifespan and cuts down on maintenance in fields like mining and maritime.

  • Customizable: Forged steel can be shaped to specific needs without losing strength or being too expensive. This versatility suits various industrial needs.

  • Fewer Defects: Forging removes internal problems that casting may create, such as cracks. This quality is vital in high-stakes fields like oil and gas.

  • Widely Applicable: Many industries, from healthcare to construction, find forged steel’s unique qualities an optimal choice.

  • Resistant to Wear and Weather: Forged steel’s resistance to rust, wear, and temperature extremes makes it valuable in places like chemical processing or offshore platforms.

  • Cost-Effective: Although forged steel might cost more initially, its long-lasting nature translates to savings over time. This has made it a favored choice in sectors like rail transportation and mining.

Elevate Your Projects with Mattsco

We understand that your projects demand the very best, and that’s what we deliver at Mattsco. We believe that the right forged steel products can make a world of difference.

Discover the true potential of your industrial applications with our top-tier forged steel products. Reach out to us today, and experience the quality, reliability, and service that sets us apart.