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Welcome to Mattsco Supply Company, where you can count on us to meet all of your pipe fitting needs. We specialize in producing top-notch carbon steel pipe fittings for a range of applications and industries.

As knowledgeable suppliers of pipe fittings, we recognize the significance of having the appropriate fittings and valves for your unique project. We offer a wide variety of necessary pipe fittings and connection types as a consequence, ensuring that you have the ideal solution for your unique needs.

We can provide steel pipe fittings, carbon steel pipe fittings, or a mix of the two. Standard fittings as well as specialized, custom-made choices are available in our vast catalog.

In addition to our large assortment of pipe fittings and valves, we provide a wide range of steel pipe and fittings, as well as carbon steel pipeline fittings. We are committed to offering high-quality items at reasonable pricing so that you can trust in the integrity and longevity of your project.

Our knowledgeable team is dedicated to giving you the finest customer care and assistance possible. Together, we’ll determine your unique demands and the products that will best satisfy them.

Essential Pipe Fittings & Connection Types

Pipe fittings are utilized in a wide range of applications and are available in a number of shapes and sizes. Here are some examples:

  • Elbows: Elbows are used to shift the pipe’s direction; they are available in a range of angles, including 90°, 45°, and 180°.
  • Tees: Tees, which might be equal, reducing, or double-tapped, are used to separate or combine the flow of a piping system.
  • Couplings: Couplings are used to join two pipe sections.
  • Unions: Unions make it easy to connect and detach two pipe segments.
  • Caps: Caps can be used to seal a pipe’s ends.
  • Plugs: Plugs may also be used to seal a pipe or fitting’s end.
  • Nipples: Nipples are little bits of pipe that join fittings.
  • Adapters: Adapters can be used to join various pipe and fitting types.
  • Flanges: There are three main types of flanges: slip-on, weld-neck, and lap-joint. They are used to connect pieces of pipe or fittings together.

When securing pipe fittings together, a variety of connections can be employed. These include :

  • Threaded: The most common sort of connection, where the fittings are screwed together.
  • Welded: These are fittings permanently joined together by welding.
  • Flanged: Flanged fittings use a bolt to connect them together.
  • Press-fit: Connections made by pressing or adhering fittings together.

Each fitting and connection type has a specific use, and the right one is based on the specific requirements of the job. Regardless of the size of your project, our expert team will work closely with you to make sure you have the right solution.

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