With nearly five decades in the PVF industry, Mattsco Supply Company offers an unparalleled breadth of experience. Whether you require assistance with cutting, beveling, machining, mitering, profiling or anything in between, our knowledgeable and experienced team is proud to provide comprehensive, reliable, and friendly service to meet all of your needs.


Mattsco offers a variety of pipe cutting options to support our customer’s specific needs. We have the capabilities to cut multiple material types utilizing several cutting techniques including band saw, flame cutting, and 6-axis plasma.


Mattsco offers pipe beveling options utilizing our 6-axis plasma, flame cutting and machining. We can bevel the edge for your special applications of your various material types.


Mattsco has capabilities to provide special machining requirements for our customers. Our in-house machinists can perform basic machining to your specification. Further, Mattsco maintains long-term relationships with local machine shops to perform more advanced operations and requirements.

  • Make reducing flanges
  • Through bore or taper bore flanges
  • Drill & tap blind flanges
  • Thread pipe
  • Convert threaded valves to socket weld
  • Bevel pipe
  • Victaulic groove
  • Taper bore weld fittings

Mattsco has a 6-axis plasma profiling machine capable of cutting, coping, notching beveling, mitering, slotting, and specialty cuts to fit your specific needs.

Simultaneous motion maintains the torch cutting position along the linear axis of the pipe and perpendicular to the linear axis to perform beveled holes and end cuts.

Our 3D pipe cutting software vastly simplifies the importing, designing, and nesting of parts.