Stainless Pipe Experts: Quality You Can Count On

At Mattsco, we’ve made it our job to be a trusted provider you can count on for quality and variety. Our inventory has stainless steel pipes for all kinds of needs.

Whether you’re working on a big construction project or a detailed piece of machinery, we’re here to make sure you find what you’re looking for.

Available Stainless Pipe Sizes

Starting from compact, precision-required applications, we offer petite sizes as small as 1/4 inch in diameter.

These are ideal for intricate work in industries such as electronics, medicine, or precision machinery.

At the larger end of the spectrum, we stock pipes up to a substantial 24 inches in diameter.

These larger sizes are often deployed in robust, high-volume applications like water treatment plants, large-scale construction, and industrial manufacturing, where substantial fluid flow is a necessity.


Stainless Pipe Schedules

We stock a wide range of schedules to ensure we have the right choice for every application:

  • Schedule 10: These stainless steel pipes are lightweight and offer a cost-effective solution. They’re best for low-pressure applications such as water distribution, fire protection systems, and HVAC ductwork. Ideal when you need less durability and resistance to pressure.

  • Schedule 40: More robust than Schedule 10, Schedule 40 pipes are suitable for moderate pressure applications. They’re commonly used in residential plumbing, industrial cooling systems, and some chemical applications. Opt for this when you need a balance between strength and cost-effectiveness.

  • Schedule 80: These pipes are designed for high-pressure environments and offer improved durability. They’re a good fit for industrial processes, high-pressure fluid flow, and some oil and gas applications. Choose this when your project demands higher pressure resistance.

  • Schedule 160: Schedule 160 pipes provide exceptional strength and are used in extreme pressure and temperature conditions. They’re ideal for power plants, petrochemical industries, and high-pressure steam lines. The right choice when the maximum level of durability and pressure resistance is required.

  • XXH (Double Extra Heavy): The thickest and most robust pipe schedule, XXH is designed for the most extreme pressure and temperature applications, such as deep well drilling, heavy-duty industrial processes, and high-pressure hydraulic systems. Perfect for the most demanding industrial conditions.

Stainless Steel Grades

Our stainless steel grades include 304/L and 316/L, each offering varying levels of corrosion resistance and strength.

304/L Stainless Steel Pipes

304/L stainless steel pipes are known for their corrosion and heat resistance, as well as their strength.

They are often used in industries such as food, chemical, medical, pharmaceutical, construction, and transportation.

Whether you need stainless steel pipes for processing liquids and gasses, or for high-pressure applications, 304/L stainless steel pipes are a reliable choice.

316/L Stainless Steel Pipes

316/L stainless steel shares many attributes with 304/L, but has the added benefit of the inclusion of molybdenum. This enhances its strength and resistance properties.

Because of this, it is ideal for use in harsher conditions, such as in marine or chemical environments.

If you need stainless steel pipes that can handle challenging conditions, 316/L stainless steel pipes are the ideal solution.


Seamless and Welded Options

We offer both seamless and welded stainless steel pipes in a range of configurations to meet your specific needs.

Welded pipes are made by bending a sheet of steel into a tube and welding the seam, while seamless pipes are created by heating a solid billet and piercing it with a mandrel to form a tube.

Strength: Welded pipes are typically less strong than seamless pipes due to the presence of the weld seam. However, with advancements in technology, the strength difference has been minimized.

Cost: Welded pipes are generally less expensive to manufacture than seamless pipes because of the simpler, more efficient production process.

Usage: Seamless pipes are typically used in high-pressure applications due to their enhanced strength and pressure resistance. Welded pipes are commonly used in low to medium pressure applications, and in situations where the extra strength of a seamless pipe is not required.

Availability and Variety: Seamless pipes are usually available in smaller sizes and larger sizes may not always be available or might take more time to produce. Welded pipes can be produced in a wider range of sizes and lengths, offering more flexibility.

Custom Piping Solutions

Sometimes, off the rack just doesn’t cut it. At Mattsco, we can also fulfill orders for custom sizes to suit a variety of individual situations or needs. Some common examples include:

Specialized Industries: Industries such as aerospace, nuclear power, high-end manufacturing, or any other industry with unique requirements.

Unique Construction Projects: In the construction sector, custom-sized pipes could be necessary for unusual architectural designs, restoration of historic buildings, or projects that demand non-standard dimensions for aesthetic or functional reasons.

Research & Development Labs: R&D labs often run experiments or develop products that require pipes in non-standard dimensions.

Custom Machinery Production: Manufacturers of custom machinery or equipment may need pipes of a specific size that isn’t typically available in the market.

At Mattsco Supply Company, we’re equipped to accommodate these diverse needs and more, helping each customer find the ideal piping solution for their unique project.

Versatile Shipping and Pick-Up Options

We’re committed to delivering your orders when and where you need them, and creating a seamless customer service experience from start to finish.

Nationwide Shipping: No matter where you’re located, you can trust us to ship your order quickly and securely.

Local Delivery: If you’re based in the Tulsa area, we can bring your order right to your work site.

Pick-Up Option: For those times when you need your order right away, we have a local pick-up option. Get your supplies when you need them, and save on shipping costs in the process.

Customer Support: Our customer service team is always ready to answer any questions and concerns that may arise during the shipping process.

We strive to make the process as painless as possible so that you can focus on what really matters – your project.

Mattsco: Your Trusted Stainless Steel Pipe Supplier

After exploring our wide array of stainless steel pipes, it’s clear that Mattsco isn’t just another supplier. We’ve built our reputation offering quality solutions for everything from large-scale construction to specialized industrial needs.

Local or nationwide, seamless or welded, standard or custom — whatever your project demands, Mattsco is here to deliver. When you choose to partner with Mattsco, you can trust us to deliver the perfect stainless piping solution for your project.