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Available Stud Bolts and Nuts

We have a wide selection of stud bolts and nuts. Our comprehensive catalog of fastening solutions is designed to meet a diverse set of applications and requirements. With our focus on quality and durability, we ensure each of our products delivers optimum performance and longevity:

  • Carbon Steel: Tough and strong, our carbon steel bolts and nuts are a go-to choice for building things like bridges, cars, or heavy machines. If you need something that won’t break easily, this is the material for you.

  • Alloys: These are mixed metals that include things like nickel and chromium. They are super strong and won’t rust, making them perfect for things like ships, oil rigs, or chemical factories.

  • Stainless Steel: If you’re worried about rust, stainless steel is your friend. It’s often used in places where food is made, or medicines are produced because it’s clean and strong.

  • Brass: Brass looks good, doesn’t rust, and is strong. You might find our brass bolts and nuts in decorative items, plumbing, or electrical work.

  • Titanium: Lightweight but very tough, titanium bolts and nuts are used in special places like airplanes, medical equipment, or high-end cars.
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Stud Bolts for Flanges

Flanges are used to connect pipes or other equipment, and you need the right bolts to hold them together. Here’s a look at our available selection at Mattsco:

  • Carbon Steel Stud Bolts (B7): These bolts are super strong and can handle a lot of heat and pressure. Often used in the energy business.

  • Stainless Steel Stud Bolts (B8, B8M, L7): Need something that won’t corrode and will last a long time? These could be the choice for chemical factories or other places with tough conditions.

  • Special Coatings (Teflon Coated): Sometimes you need bolts that move smoothly and don’t wear out. These specially coated bolts are often used in machinery that needs to run like clockwork.

Gaskets for Your Piping Needs

Gaskets play a vital role in your piping systems. Acting as seals, they provide a tight, secure barrier that prevents leaks and ensures optimal performance. The right gasket can significantly enhance your system’s efficiency while preventing potential damage or malfunctions due to leaks. At Mattsco, we offer a variety of gaskets designed to meet various industrial needs.

Metal Gaskets (304/L and 316/L CGI & CGI Flex Gaskets): Tough and heat-resistant, these gaskets are used in places like oil refineries where things get really hot and need to stay sealed.

Non-Asbestos Gaskets: If you care about the environment and need something strong but flexible, these are a great choice.

Rubber Gaskets (Red Rubber): These are great for places that don’t have a lot of pressure but need a good seal, like in air conditioning or water treatment plants.

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