Quality Pipe Valves For Every Application

Finding the perfect pipe valve solution can feel like one challenge after another.

You need excellent quality, reliability, and a supplier that you can depend on.

That’s where Mattsco comes into play. With a commitment to delivering quality, we ensure that every product we sell is up to the job.
Our range of options promises a tailored fit for your needs.

Combined with our unwavering dedication to reliable delivery and cost-effective pricing, the result is a solution that will exceed your expectations.

With Mattsco, your supply challenges are a thing of the past.

Mattsco Pipe Valve Selection

Our selection includes a wide range of customizable options. From the type to the size and grade, we have the perfect combination for your job.

Available Types of Valves

We offer an extensive range of products and have the perfect choice for any job. Here’s a closer look at the products that we have available:

  • Ball Valves: Known for their durability and ease of operation, these are ideal for controlling flow.

  • Gate Valves: Used primarily to start or stop the flow, they are especially useful in scenarios where a straight-line flow of fluid is required.

  • Globe Valves: Designed to regulate flow in a pipeline, they provide precision control, making them suitable for applications where flow needs to be adjusted regularly.

  • Check Valves: Allowing fluid to flow in one direction while preventing reverse flow, they offer essential protection in many systems.

  • Butterfly Valves: Lightweight, compact, and commonly used to regulate or isolate the flow of fluids.

  • Specialized Valves: In addition to the standard types, Mattsco also offers steam and hot water valves, as well as specialized chrome valves for industrial applications.

Available Sizes and Grades

At Mattsco, we understand the importance of variety and customization. That’s why we offer many different sizes and grades to fit your specific needs.

Sizes: Ranging from 1/2″ to 24″, our sizes cover a broad spectrum of applications, from small residential plumbing to large industrial systems.

Available Grades:

  • Forged Steel: Known for its strength and resilience, forged steel valves are suitable for high-pressure and high-temperature applications.

  • Cast Steel: With a good balance of strength and adaptability, cast steel offers reliable performance in various settings.

  • Stainless Steel: Renowned for its corrosion resistance, stainless steel is ideal for applications where sanitation and longevity are crucial, such as in the food and beverage industry.

  • Alloy Steel: If you need to withstand harsh conditions and corrosive substances, alloy steel might be the perfect choice.

Making the Right Choice For Your Job

Each type of valve serves a unique purpose, so understanding your specific requirements is crucial before ordering. Consider the following key questions to help you narrow down your choices.

Type: What is the valve’s primary function within your system?

Size: Have you matched the size with the dimensions of your connections?

Pressure Rating: What maximum pressure must the valve handle, and are there specific compliance standards?

Material: What material best suits the fluid being controlled, and how does it align with your budget?

Operating Environment: Are there environmental factors to consider, such as indoor or outdoor usage?

Maintenance and Longevity: How frequently will maintenance be required, and what is the expected lifespan?

Budget Considerations: What is your budget, and are there cost-effective options that meet your needs?

By thoughtfully considering these factors, you will find the perfect valve that will fit in your system seamlessly. If you have any doubts or need further guidance, reach out to our expert team at Mattsco. We’re here to provide personalized assistance.

The Mattsco Difference

At Mattsco, we’re committed to quality and customer satisfaction, ensuring that you find the right product for your project, whether it’s a standard valve or a specialized solution

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